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Partnerships Copious Farmer & Associates, LLC (CF&A) is a full service minority owned and operated public relations firm that specializes in delivering clear, concise and effective communication strategies to specific audiences using various mediums on behalf of our clients.

Each solution provided by CF&A is a custom solution, tailor-made to meet the needs of each individual client.   We have the in-house ability, network and willingness to work within rather rigid timeframes to help our clients reach success in their business endeavors.
Our Company Mission
Our focus and commitment is to provide our clients with the best and exhaustive set of communication solutions that will assist them in their endeavor to reach their communication goals.
Our Business Philosophy

CF&A prides itself in simplifying the public relations process for our clients by using various industry specific techniques to communicate messages, build public images or stimulate responses from the public domain.
We help clients formulate messages that can be clearly digested and understood, no matter the level or the audience.
It's important to take a realistic approach in getting a client's message across which consists of using the facts, while keeping the information simple, straightforward and powerful.
Our public relations approach generates interest, creates awareness, informs, educates and encourages responses from your audiences.

At CF&A, we know it's important to create broad visibility for our clients, which is encompassed in every customized strategy we develop.

Our industry experience along with our inhouse expertise and network expands daily.   Therefore, we are more than willing to discuss our knowledge and experience and applications to your business when you are ready.

Contact us to have one of our professionals assist you with your communication needs.