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    At Wellness Integrated Network (WIN), we have professionals who have demonstrated expertise and a wealth of meaningful achievements:

    Christen Branca
    Christen Branca has two college degrees. Graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College (soon to be Baldwin-Wallace University) with a Business degree, but most recently received her Information Technology degree from Youngstown State University. Christen looks forward to helping make businesses more visible on the web and through social media.

    Juliana Seelman
    Julie was born in Pittsburgh and moved to Boardman, Ohio 20 years ago. She is a member of St. Charles Church and graduated from Boardman High School. In May, she will graduate from YSU with a bachelor's degree in information technology with a minor in graphic design.

    Michael Stojkovich
    Mike Stojkovic is a leader and innovator in the wellness, health promotion and medical fitness profession. With over twenty-five years of experience in the health care and wellness disciplines, Mike has earned an outstanding reputation by providing services to school districts, hospitals, corporations, and private facilities. He has successfully developed a wide range of health and wellness programs from health care systems to Fortune 500 corporations. Mike designed some of the initial wellness programs for Procter and Gamble, GE Aircraft Engines, Memorial Hermann Health Care and the Trihealth Systems. He was an early pioneer of hospital based fitness centers and led the development of many award winning wellness facilities.